Rodrigo Moya

From lost to the river

From lost to the river


I am involved in the development of GNOME, a free desktop environment for computers running UNIX/Linux. I have worked and am working in several parts of the desktop:

  • GNOME-DB, a complete database architecture to provide access to several data sources
  • GNOME Control Center, which provides UIs for managing the desktop settings
  • Evolution, a mail, contacts and calendar application developed by Ximian (now Novell)
  • GNOME Hispano, the Spanish-speaking GNOME community is a project to provide Free desktops-related technology to be used by free desktop environments like KDE and GNOME. I have worked on some projects, such as D-Bus.


As part of my work at Canonical, I have been working on several Ubuntu-related projects, such as Ubuntu One and the GNOME desktop integration.


After buying a GPS, I came around the OpenStreetMap project, which is a collaborative effort, similar to Wikipedia, but to provide a free map of the world. But not only that, because around those free maps, a lot of software utilities and tools are being developed, to make for a convenient usage of GPS and maps on free software platforms.

You can find all my GPS tracks (in GPX format) here.


For openSUSE 11.0, I worked on integrating the new PulseAudio sound server, which provides lots of improvements over the old esound used in GNOME.


Mono is a free implementation of the .NET development platform specification. I helped a tiny bit in the first stages of the Mono project in the form of some database classes. Since then I have been only an observer, but it's a project I like promoting, specially for newcomers to the Linux world, as Mono helps a lot developers from the Windows world in entering the Linux development world quickly and easily.