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From lost to the river

From lost to the river


Migas is the name of a dish shepperds use to eat a lot. It is cheap, easy to cook, and provides lots of energy for being for days out in the wild with the animals. It is now, in the Spanish restaurants culture, a very appreciated food, and can be done in different ways, even adding fruits (grapes, melons), so it's up to the reader to add / remove ingredients as wished.

You need (for 2 people):

  • 1 onion
  • Bread crumbles:

    The best thing, if you can't find it already prepared as in the photo above, is to buy daily bread, and leave it for a couple of days, and then just break it into crumbles.
  • Cured ham:

    No normal ham, you would need a ham with lots of flavour, so Spanish (Serrano) ham, or, if you can't find it, Parma ham.
  • Chistorra:

    This is going to be harder to find outside of Spain, so if you can't find it, replace it with some Chorizo or something similar. The idea is to use it for giving lots of flavour, so make sure you replace it with something similar.
  • Panceta:

    Any Italian food shop should have this, but you could use bacon also to replace it, although in that case make sure it is a bacon with lots of flavour, if not, it will be useless to use it for this.

Now, to cook it:

  1. Chop the onion, some chistorra and the panceta / bacon:
  2. Then, poach the onion, and then put the chopped chistorra, ham and panceta / bacon to fry:
  3. Once everything's poached and mixed, it's the time to pour the bread into the pan. To make sure the dish is not too dry, it is necessary to pour some water onto the bread crumbles, but make sure you don't pour too much, if you do so, the bread would be too humid and tasteless, and if you pour too little, it would be dry, so just pour by little sinks:

    Then mix everything, so that the bread gets coloured by all the fat in the pan.

Then, just get a big bowl, spoons, and eat: